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Equine Laser Therapy Unit KM-20 650nm + 808nm laser therapy device hand held pain relief Laser medium: GaAlAs semiconductor Laser wavelength: 808 nm + 650nm Laser diode No.: 1 pc of 808nm + 12 pcs of 650nm Laser output power: 60-150mw for 808nm, 5mW for 650nm Power source use: Embed rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Indications in animals: Cervical spondylosis, Slipped disc, Arthritis, Shoulder of peri arthritis, Prostatitis, Bronchitis, Pelvic infection, Facial paralysis, Back pain. Remedy principle Low intensity laser applied to biology. There is not any irreversible damage to biological organization just lead to a series of physiological and biochemical changes: anti inflammatory and analgesic, convergence wound, desensitization, adjust the body serve as . Our machine the usage of 808nm for medical use and 650nm for household use, through specific parts of irradiation and the usage of light radiation of laser and wavelength relation to switch the biological characteristics in addition to instantly penetrate the meridian, producing biological enzymes. Causing a series of physiological and biochemical changes to aids in curing quite a lot of diseases. Such as the cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc of herniation,f rozen shoulder, arthritis, prostatitis. Technical Parameter Item Description Laser Medium GaAlAs Semiconductor Laser Wavelength 808nm + 650nm 650nm output power 12 lasers for 650nm with 5MW 808nm output power 1 lasers 808nm with 60-150MW Timing range 10-30min will also be adjusted Environment temperature -20- 40 Relative humidity ≤85% Heating 40-45 Packing 23.5cm*6.5cm*5cm Advantages 1. LLLT non invasive irradiation, no any side effect, totally green physical therapy. 2. Perfectly combine 808nm with 650nm,Perfectly treat the body pain from 5MW-150MW 3. Portable household physiotherapy devices, small size, intelligent design, easy operation and convenient carrying.

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