BBTac Airsoft Shotgun BT-M56C Tri-Barrel Triple Shot Spring Loaded Pump Action Price: $58.10 (as of 26/06/2019 06:17 PST- Details)

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In Close Quarter Combat (CQB) arenas, spring airsoft shotguns provide a reasonably priced and effective way to get into the game. This airsoft shotgun features a unique system of 3 internal inner barrels. Arranged in a burst pattern and able to firing 3 BB’s out at once, it creates a spread pattern that would increase your chances at hitting even fast moving targets at close ranges. The shotgun is fed by an airsoft shotgun shell that holds a capacity of 30 BB’s – good for 10 shots (3 BBs x 10 Shots = 30 BBs). Made from a high-have an effect on ABS plastic, it remains sturdy and light making it easily weldable as you move through small spaces. As a pump-action spring shotgun they require no other sources of energy excluding its strong spring that delivers 300 FPS of power per each and every shot. As a user you simply just want to pump and shoot until empty. This model features an collapsible stock that may be adjustable length-wise and will pivot from a braced position. The Double Eagle M56 series of shotguns come highly really helpful for airsoft skirmishes and somebody who appreciates a good boom stick.

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