941 UHC 8 inch revolver, Black airsoft gun

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caliber: 6mm
velocity: 240.00 ft/sec
Spring powered. Replica shells hold BBs.

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UHC model UA-941. This beautiful, full-size handgun holds 6 rounds of BB’s in lifelike replica shells! Pop open the cylinder and pop in the shells, similar to the true thing, and fire all six shots with one hand, similar to the movies…. – 1:1 scale – cylinder swivel, loads like a real gun – cocking of the spring piston by the hammer – rear sight adjustable for windage and elevation – colored front sight – 6 round cylinder – press the hammer for chambering, actions the same way as the true gun – gun body and grip have satin finish… Power: .4 Joules (.295 ft-lbs) Spring Powered Hop-up System Orange muzzle…
A 1:1 scale replica of a genuine revolver, this 941 UHC 8-inch airsoft revolver is remarkably authentic. The 941 UHC fires round 6mm plastic pellets referred to as BBs, which are propelled out of the gun through a spring-powered mechanism. The benefit of the airsoft revolver, on the other hand, is that players can safely train, simulate, or play with the gun without fearing serious injury. The 941 UHC looks, feels, weighs, and functions similar to a real firearm, but is built for casual recreation fairly than weaponized use. Actually, the only way you’ll most often tell a real-steel firearm from an airsoft revolver is the blazing orange tip and the BBs that fire while you pull the trigger. The 941 UHC offers such features as a rear sight that’s adjustable for windage and elevation, a colored front sight, a six-round cylinder that loads similar to a real gun, a spring-piston hammer for authenticity, and a satin finish.


  • Power: 0.4 Joules
  • Capacity: 6 rounds
  • Compatibility: 6mm BBs
  • Adjustable for windage and elevation
  • Velocity: 240 fps

caliber: 6mm
velocity: 240.00 ft/sec
Spring powered. Replica shells hold BBs.


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