WE 1911 Pistol Full Metal Gas Gun Blow Back Airsoft Pistol

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Realistic replica WE Gas Pistol with Blow Back Action
Semi Auto matic, Safe mode.
Cock and Shoot so much FUN !

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WE is quickly becoming probably the most favorite brands of airsoft gas pistols for all airsoft hobbyists as a result of their quality. Their guns have a realistic feel and the details are amazing. They shoot hard with blow back action that will make you feel like you are shooting the real deal. The WE 1911 Style Full Metal Gas Blow Back Pistol is probably one of the vital realistic airsoft gas guns we have picked up. Right off the bat, it has a heavy, real steel feeling as you pick it up. It is full metal contributing to a realistic weight. The looks of the pistol is bizarre and details are as close to the popular classic 1911 Colt .45 ACP as can be. The sound from cocking the gun sounds nice and very much like the real steel. It even has a nice imprinted marking showing .45 ACP where the real steel would have it. The magazine is heavy and also full metal excluding for the spring guide which draws up the BB’s. The bottom of the magazine seems a bit flimsy but it hasn’t failed yet. The sound of the magazine ejecting out or sliding into the pistol is as realistic as it can get. We have put some heavy use into this gun firing many rounds and quickly refilling the magazine with gas, but the o-ring has not failed yet. Please keep in mind we are doing this to test the built and quality of the gun. For any gas gun, under normal circumstances, we highly do not recommend shooting as many BB’s as imaginable with one clip as this will freeze up the o-ring and crack it. If you will have to fire many rounds, please purchase extra magazines. Field stripping the WE 1911 is easy and just like field stripping a real pistol. This allows for the gun to be cleaned and relubricated to keep the gun performing at its peak level. The performance of the gun is remarkable. We have tested the airsoft gun the use of propane and it shot hard and loud with a nice kick to it. There is a safety feature in the back of the hand grip, just like the real gun, which is a very nice feature to have and does not interfere w
Realistic replica WE Gas Pistol with Blow Back Action
Semi Auto matic, Secure mode.
Cock and Shoot so much FUN !
Gas operated, Green gas or propane
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